Flat triangle

Nina… or the peculiar encounter of two worlds. Nina is at the same time airy, light, fragile, but her world is also dense and profound. She allies flexibility and fluidity as well as asymmetry and rupture. So who is she really?

At the age of six years old, Nina started doing artistic gymnastics, which she continued until going to university. Passionate about the stars, she studied physics in England and pursued a PhD in astrophysics in Bristol. At the same time, she fell in love with aerial circus: corde lisse, hoop, silks… her training stepped up! As soon as she got her first professional contracts, Nina had to choose: research or circus? She gave up her PhD…

Back in Paris, she dedicates her time fully to Contortion. She trains with various coaches such as Ericka Maury-Lascoux from the contortion duo “Les Mandragores”, Corpus Acrobatics, Weiwei from Beijing State Circus as well as with Elena Taraimovitch from Moscow State Circus with whom she practices handstands. In 2018 she went to Mongolia to train with Gelegdorj Hundagaa with whom she worked on handbalancing and Marinelli bend (mouthpiece).

Nina, as a soloist or in a duo — surprises. She plays with contrasts. In turn sylphide, mysterious insect, she navigates in-between beauty, strangeness and weirdness. Nina’s world disturbs, questions, seduces!

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